29. 9. – 4. 10. 2023

The director and artist Jill Magid traces the controversial legacy of the most celebrated Mexican architect Luis Barragán

Known as “the artist among architects”, Luis Barragán is among the world’s most celebrated architects of the 20th century. His style is characterised by clear colours, cunning play with light and atmospheric corners evoking the feeling of a hidden secret. The Proposal is the first feature documentary and the last chapter of the project The Barragán Archives, which the conceptual artist Jill Magid has been working on since 2013. Magid intensively researches the legacy of the architecture personality. She explores how a Swiss company could restrict public access to his archives for twenty years. Moreover, Magid confronts complex questions about an exclusive ownership and control over the perception of Barragán’s work.

Presented with support from the ViPer gallery.