29. 9. – 4. 10. 2023
Praha – Kino Světozor (malý sál) Tue 06/10 20:30 130

Is there really only one original? In light of globalization, the copying of artworks as well.

As architecture has become increasingly relevant topic. The director Benoit Felici presents a ride on an architectural rollercoaster mixing London Tower Bridge in China, St. Peter’s Basilica on the Ivory Coast and Taj Mahal in the Indian countryside. What do these buildings tell us about places where they are located? And does it still matter whether something is original?

Beijing Built To Last (short film)

Haruna Honcoop, 2019, Česká republika, 10 min, Mandarin, English sub.

The architecture of socialist era in Eastern Europe quickly vanishes. Buildings as ideological icons are being condemn by the later generations and their architectural qualities overlooked. What is the reality and fate of those relics in China?