29. 9. – 4. 10. 2023
Praha – Kino Světozor (Small Hall) Fri 01/10 20:30 140 Kč
Praha – Kino Světozor (Third Hall) Fri 01/10 20:30 140 Kč
Brno – Kino Art Thu 30/09 20:00 110 Kč
Hodonín – Kino Svět Wed 29/09 17:00 100 Kč
Wed 06/10 19:30 60/100
Mon 04/10 19:00 50 Kč
Piešťany – Kultúrno-kreatívne centrum Arta Sun 03/10 20:00 Free
Plzeň – Papírna Plzeň Fri 01/10 19:00 Free

An intimate journey over the ocean of Lászlo Moholy-Nagy, a distinguished personality of the Bauhaus school.

The goal to continue developing ideas of the influential European school in America eventually led to opening a new institution in Chicago, simply called – The New Bauhaus. A unique combination of architecture, art and design arises from rich archival materials and interviews with interesting personalities from the artist’s family and his contemporary admirers.

Shown in programme with Kotěra

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