29. 9. – 4. 10. 2022
Praha – Kino Světozor Sun 04/10 12:00 130 Kč
Thu 01/10 18:00 Book tickets
Sat 03/10 13:00 Free
Řevnice – Zámeček Sun 04/10 18:00 50 Kč
Brno – Vila Tugendhat Sun 04/10 19:30 100 Kč
Brno – Faculty of Architecture VUT Tue 06/10 18:00 Free
Tue 06/10 19:30 60 Kč
Brno – Ateliér Jana Kaštánek Wed 07/10 18:00 Free
Piešťany – Kino Fontána Wed 07/10 18:00 Free
Zlín – Blok 12 Wed 07/10 19:00 Free

Geographical and intellectual journey that leads to “cracking the mysterious case of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Los Angeles houses”.

Voices of architecture critics, curators of Mayan and Pre-Columbian art are mixed with the building users and Hollywood. Actors on the background of dramatic scenes of Wright’s architecture. The film presents “a side of this architectural giant as never seen before.”

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