29. 9. – 4. 10. 2023
Praha – CAMP Wed 07/10 19:00 Book tickets

Unusual approach to architecture through the lens of music videos. What can these miniature films tell us about architecture and vice versa?

The artists offer an alternative form of perceiving architecture through another sensory dimension and with music they compose an antidote to the current visual obsession. A little survey into the music scene of the end of the 20. and the beginning of the 21. century introduces a new view on architecture and its role in the wider context of popular culture.

Building Soundtrack | 19:00

Peter Adjaye, musician and brother of the world-known British architect of Ghanaian origin David Adjaye will give a lecture about their common project Music4Architecture and their album called Dialogues, which comprises of ten songs, some of them composed specifically for listening in the buildings of David Adjaye, some artworks in their own right.

Architecture to Listen to Music | 20:00

A survey on contemporary history of music videos where the visual scene is set in remarkable modern architecture and/or where ideas of a specific music genre and architecture style are intertwined.

Archi Disco by Pierre Urban | 21:00

At the end of the festival, we will all dance in the rhythm of architectural disco under the lead of the DJ Pierre Urban.