1. 10. – 7. 10. 2019
Praha - Kino Světozor (velký sál) Thu 19/09 20:30 130/110 Kč
Praha - Kino Světozor (velký sál) Sun 06/10 20:30 130/110 Kč
Brno - Ateliér Jana Kaštánek Tue 01/10
Hradec Králové - Hradecká náplavka Sun 06/10
Liberec - HRST Wed 02/10 18:00
Znojmo - Galerie a Prostor Thu 03/10 19:30
Nymburk - Kino Sokol Sat 05/10 19:00
Pardubice - Divadlo 29 Sat 05/10 19:00
Řevnice - Kino Řevnice Sun 06/10 18:00

The opening ceremony of both festivals – Day of Architecture and Film and Architecture – will be accompanied by a screening of the film The Human Shelter.

Lyrical documentary about he we create our home

Where is my home? Is it where I feel content and intrinsically happy? This film experiment accurately hit the current social atmosphere of facing challenges like the climate change, globalisation and migration. The director is looking for answers at a simple question, what makes a home and at the same time explores our ideas about it. At four continents we meet different forms of human shelter. And it does not matter whether it is a treehouse, floating slum in the centre of Lagos or a wooden cabin with a view at Icelandic icebergs. The human warmth inside is the most important.

19. 9. A discussion with Jord den Hollander, the chief curator of the architecture film festival in Rotterdam (AFFR) and the Czech promoter of architecture Adam Gebrian will take place after the screening.

It will be introduced together with the short Film of the Day of Architecture.

6. 10. The screening will be introduced by the director Boris Bertram, who will be available for questions from the audience after the film.

The main partner of the screening is IKEA Czech Republic.

With support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

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