1. 10. – 7. 10. 2019
Praha - Světozor cinema (large hall) Tue 01/10 18:30 130/110 Kč
Brno - Vila Tugendhat Sun 06/10 19:30

Story about the construction and subsequent reconstruction of the German pavilion in Barcelona designed by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich

The functionalist pavilion from granite stands at the top of the Montjuic, away from the busy Barcelona life. Originally representing Germany at the international exhibition in 1929, the building invites tourists to stop and rest. At the first sight, the harmony between the interior and exterior is striking as much as the minimum of supporting walls and a number of interesting details. It only existed for eight months but paradoxically its image was always alive in the minds of generations of architects around the world, becoming one of their greatest influences. The pavilion’s history, legacy and subsequent reconstruction in 1986 is still surrounded by myths and mysteries that this documentary addresses.

Shown in programme with The Hatch House.

Presented with support from Sipral a.s.

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