1. 10. – 7. 10. 2019
Praha - Světozor cinema (large hall) Fri 04/10 20:30 130/110 Kč
Znojmo - Galerie a Prostor Tue 01/10 19:30
Liberec - HRST Wed 02/10 18:00
Humpolec - 8smička Thu 03/10 17:00
Zlín - Blok 12 Thu 03/10 19:30
Hradec Králové - Bio Central Sun 06/10 17:30
Ostrava - REFILL kancelář Wed 09/10

Fascinating view in history of the legendary avantgarde school uniting art, crafts and design in one piece

It has been hundred years since Walter Gropius founded Bauhaus in Weimar. The documentary film describes a fascinating story of the school and shows the context of the current cultural development. The interviews with a number of professionals demonstrates that the Bauhaus spirit lives on. The film uses this frame of a huge, visionary project to ask the questions that matter today: how do we want to live, where do we want to go from here?

Shown in programme with Symphonie Diagonale.

Presented with support from Goethe-Institut and DOKweb.

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